Trade Secrets 2011: Hodgson Garden - Holabird House | Falls Village, CT

 This landscape is a treat for history buffs as well as gardeners. When the David and Laurie Hodgson came to this 18 acre Falls Village property 21 years ago, not only did they move into a 1735 Colonial of major architectural importance (it was cited as a sterling example in a 1919 The Architectural Review), but they also acquired perennial beds and an award-winning naturalistic pool. Over the years, they bulked up the perennials, planted scads of bulbs (including naturalized tulips bound to be blooming for the tour), as well as creating bountiful cutting, vegetable, and herb gardens to stretch over 3 acres under glorious cultivation. The scene is beautiful as well as productive – with tiers and rustic fences to increase the crops. So successful is the harvest (thanks to gardeners Tom & Roberta Scott of Falls Village Flower Farm) that Laurie put up 60 jars of pickles last year as well as jam from her grape arbor and applesauce from the orchard.

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