Trade Secrets 2013: Lee Link

 Amazingly, the house was originally nothing more than an “A” frame cottage when Lee Link and her husband Fritz adopted it and gave it a whole new life. Lee honored its humble beginnings, but added personality. With sleeping porches and outdoor screeneddining areas, it’s hard to find the “A” frame now. But even more phenomenal is how the land around the cottage has evolved. This property erases the boundaries between indoors and outside, flowing its living spaces into brilliantly (and idiosyncratically) furnished porches, alcoves and outdoor hallways. There’s even an outdoor shower. A parterre with panache picks up the colors in shrubs while also seasoning the scene with vegetables and herbs given a proud and unexpected profile.

Elsewhere, clipped shrubs are given a smart, sleek gravel groundcover. There’s a custom greenhouse filled with tender little morsels displayed like you’ve never seen tropicals celebrated before. Surrounding it are patios accented with containers of a totally unique stripe. On the other side of the former “A” frame, there’s a lap pool accompanied by its scrumptious screened pool house that defies description. Behind it all, a woodland border ties everything together. This property is a treasure trove of ideas, and nobody does it like Lee Link.

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