Trade Secrets 2014: Roxana and Ledlie Laughlin
Henry’s Hill

Bounded by traditional New England stone walls, this garden is situated on a rugged hillside and framed by majestic old trees. The gentle undulating countryside around the garden adds to its distinctive charm. The formal structure was established by a former owner early in the 20th century but Roxana’s family has owned the property for over 50 years and when she inherited it in 2001, she asked Tiziana Hardy to redesign a large perennial border that wraps around three sides of a lawn adjoining the house. To introduce a new aesthetic and make an arresting focal point, Hardy has created an original composition of mounded boxwood and large flat stones in the center of this garden. With additional design input from Mary Daalhuyzen, more perennial beds, sweeps of hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, and a series of linked ponds make up the rest of this intentionally understated garden landscape.


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