Trade Secrets 2015: Michael Trapp

Venture through the shuttered gate that sequesters Michael Trapp’s garden and step into the fractured fairytale that this renowned designer/antique dealer has forged. Slender paths lead through a cobbled labyrinth of idiosyncratic spaces staged with wonderful Corinthian capitals, huge slabs of stone set as dining tables, Roman fountains, and towering topiary spires that have been sculpted personally by Michael over decades. Stairs are swathed in wisteria, deft espaliered apples run their limbs along Gothic ruins, thoroughly lovable lions slumber. There is a craggy grotto beside a sparkling lap pool and a “cabinet of curiosities” filled with fading books and strange natural artifacts to be discovered. All the while, the scenic Housatonic River runs languidly below the balustrade, combining with the panoply of spring bulbs planted in the terraced beds to add a little levity to the ambiance. Michael Trapp’s pocket-sized garden fills minimal space with the full gamut of experiences. Deliciously odd, it reflects the insights of an extremely talented artist with a poignantly noir imagination. 


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