Trade Secrets 2016: The Garden of Bunny Williams & John Rosselli

 Back by popular demand. Here’s a sterling opportunity to eavesdrop on Bunny Williams and John Rosselli’s affair with their house. The garden around their Falls Village home is always a treat but, in springtime, it’s particularly sublime. Not only will you find tulips and bulbs galore carpeting the formal garden, but John’s vegetable and cutting garden will be gearing up. Hike up to the mock-coliseum poolhouse (featured in House & Garden) by way of the old orchard with heirloom apple trees blossoming. Stroll around the primrose and wildflower-dense woodland pond (featured in Garden Design) when its charms are popping out all over. Promenade through the arbors and partake of the focal points. Witness not only the wildflowers, but the wildlife as well – doves and various other fowl flutter around. Plus, on the property’s final frontier, winged houseguests feather their nests in the new “birdhouse village.” Bring a pad to jot down ideas, because Williams/Rosselli – tastemakers par excellence – incorporated their unabridged arsenal of design insight into their own warm and cozy country place.

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