Trade Secrets 2017: Pom's Cabin Farm

Pom’s Cabin Farm is a richly-varied twenty-seven acre piece of land along the Housatonic River that is nurtured and celebrated by its owner, Dale McDonald, and her dedicated team headed by horticulturist, Robin Zitter.

Robin’s initial priority in 2007 was to get a sense of place and to develop a relationship with it, “working with the forces of nature to enhance and steward the land.” By listening to the land and through observation, she leads her devoted team toward a richly interconnected and regenerative system that values all who live here.

Diversity is expressed through differing habitats including meadows, woodlands, wetlands, and a dynamic floodplain along the Housatonic River. Thoughtful ecological practices encourage native plants through a variety of restorative approaches: Paths now wend through woods, whose dominant understory of Japanese Barberry is considerately managed: Meadows have been seeded with native flowers and grasses.

An edible human imprint is threaded throughout the landscape with a variety of cultivated vegetables and fruits: A large blueberry field is home to cultivated and native bee housing projects and neighboring Shittake log cultivation; hedges of raspberries, red, black and white currants, gooseberries and elderberries nestle above the flood plain.
Energy conservation is addressed through solar panels, a geothermal system, cisterns and vegetated swales, even as PCF explores solar thermal and compostable heat sourcing.

This landscape is an expression of historical, cultural, and ecological life in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. As we grow in relationship to this land, and as its potential is revealed, a sense of place emerges. We are not so much on this land, as of it.

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