Trade Secrets 2019: Cooper Hill Farm 

The property on Cooper Hill, just north of Twin Lakes, is an owner-designed garden that offers an arresting display of distinctive woody plants and a series of perennial beds that have grown and evolved over the years. The gardens are framed by remarkable trees; tall, clipped quinces, big-leaf magnolias, hedges of beech and hornbeam. The farmstead, which offers spectacular western views of the Taconic range, boasts an enthusiastic vegetable garden, and–new this year–a production cutting garden. A casual gravel patio echoes the south of France, while an owner-built stone seating area invites visitors to take in the views on an autumn afternoon. Most outstanding is a sweeping, mixed perennial border in a naturalistic design. Paths range through this series of garden neighborhoods, past a hoop house and out into the meadow’s generous views.

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